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Fruit Fly Blocks 2 Pack C/Lure (White)

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Product Information

Fruit Fly Blocks 2 Pack C/Lure (White)

To Control Fruit Fly in fruit tree or trees in the suburban back yard, acreage or on the farm.

Types of Fruit Fly species attracted Queensland Fruit Fly, Lesser Qld Fruit Fly, Newman Fly, Mango Fly and Bactrocera Nigrotibalis.

Field life is 3-4 months i.e. as long as fruiting season lasts

Environment friendly application. No direct contact with trees or fruit.

Recommended to use 5 traps per acre.

No equipment is required for application it is user friendly.

Saves crops is cost effective also protects the environment.

Storage Directions it is advised to store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and heat to prolong shelf life.

Safety Directions Avoid contact with eyes and mouth if contact occurs wash off with plenty of water. handling blocks use gloves if not wash hands with soap after use. When finished with used blocks wrap in paper and place in garbage for disposal.

Product Code: BDM-FFPCLW

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