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Nonstick Cooking At It's Best

No matter where you are cooking, whether  it be at home, a local park or beach,  having a quick an easy nonstick surface to cook your BBQ on; such as the BDM Trading Nonstick Cooking Liners range.

Our cooking lines are super easy to clean and can protect you and your family from the nasties that  exist when cooking on over-user and unclean public BBQ's.

Simply remove the liner from the package.

Cut to size or use a precut sizes. 

Place the liner on the BBQ or hotplate surface.

Place food on the liner and cook.

Once complete, wash the liner in warm soap water  and you're ready to use again.



Frequently Ask Questions

Are they safe to use?

There has been a lot in the news about the safety of Teflon coated cookware.  The chemical in question is PFOA or C8.  BDM Trading Non Stick Liner products do not contain PFOA (C8).

Can I use my metal implements?

Metal is fine but your sheet will last longer if you use plastic.

Can I put my BBQ Liner on the grill side of my BBQ?

No, Non Stick Liner sheets should not come in contact with open flames or in direct contact with elements.

Can I use my Non Stick Liner sheet in my George Foreman Grill?

Yes, they are great in any style of grill or sandwich maker.

Can I cut my sheet?

You can cut your sheet to any size or shape you like.  You shouldn't use your Non Stick Liner as a cutting surface.

Do I have to use bread in my Toasty bag?

You can use tortilla's or wraps, you can even use your bag to heat hash browns, fish fingers or chicken nuggets.  I know of one teen who likes to reheat left over pizza in his Toasty bag.  Toasty Bags are also good for people suffering from Coeliacs Disease as they cut down on cross contamination.

Could I use it to iron over transfers?

Non Stick Liners are great for ironing any delicate material.  They are also great for pressing seams when making quilt blocks.

How do I clean it?

Non Stick Liners are excellent for people with limited water.  Wipe it over with paper towel, if it has a greasy residue wipe with a warm soapy cloth.  You can even pop it in the dishwasher.

Great for vegetarians and people with food allergies!

If you know of someone who has a severe allergy, often peanut or shellfish, BDM Trading Non Stick Liner sheets are must for them.  No chance of cross contamination.  Vegetarians with their own Non Stick Liner never have to worry about meat or animal fat coming in contact with their food.




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